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Experienced, qualified & motivated.

We are an international team with German and Swiss roots, travelled the world to breathtaking locations, e.g. Hawaii, Caribbean, Brazil, Greece just no name a few.

But we have found our home since several years in Mauritius.

You, our clients are the most important part for us and we are always looking at ways of ensuring your enjoyment is as high as possible. We are not rebuilding the wheel or sending people into space, but we are working hard to be the best what we do.

Our biggest motivation is your smile on your face and when those fantastic times on Mauritius will be memorable forever after your kitesurf holiday.

Live your dreams!

Our Team members

  • Oliver Zaenkert Kiteinstructor

    Oliver Zänkert

    Nationality: German, languages: German/English/French

    Oliver is an active wind- and kitesurfer nearly his whole life. After his commercial training with a leading international windsurfing company (FANATIC), he noticed, that being a student he could spend much more time on the water. Consequently, during his studies of sports science, he worked as fitness expert and windsurf and kite surfing instructor as well as a centre manager for leading travel agencies in countless destinations. Oliver stopped his academic career as a research associate at a German university 10 years back to continue his dream : Living on a multicultural island, being daily at the beach and in the sea. Beside he is one of the most experienced Personal Fitness Trainer and Sport Physiotherapist in Mauritius.

  • Katja Zaenkert Kiteinstructor

    Katja Rhyner

    Natioanlity: Swiss, languages: German/English/French

    Katja is a real international water woman with roots in Zurich – her parents run a windsurfing school in Switzerland. She travelled the world for kite- and windsurfing, eg. Hawaii, Turkey, Egypt just to name a few. But Katja’s special expertise lies in coaching, nutrition and medical wellness, where her professional education as a nurse as well as numerous international additional trainings come in handy. Katja is an awesome Kite-Instructor, bringing all her non-kiting-experiences in her classes. She loves practicing Yoga at sunset and also providing Yoga-classes for our guests, locals and for some 5-star-hotels in Mauritius.

  • Kelando ‘Dodo”

    Nationality: Mauritian, languages: English/French

    Kevin is an excellent instructor with a high degree of responsibility. He grew up on the Indian ocean being the son of a fisherman. He is already working as a instructor since more than 6 years teaching more than 300 students of all levels.

  • Jana

    We are very happy to welcome Paul since August 2018. Paul is a physiotherapist and fitness coach, who spent his last 3 years on a world leading cruising ship. As it is very difficult to kitesurf during and after work on a cruising ship..;)) it sounds like a plan that he decided to stay some time at one of the best kitespots in the world: Le Morne / Mauritius to join our team.